The Best of Independent Cinema

'Under The Skin' Directed by Jonathon Glazer

Right. It’s time to put the ‘indie’ into The Indiependent. As a huge cinema geek, one of my favourite aspects of the world of movies is independent cinema. Most indie films go unnoticed, which is a crying shame, but there are few that manage to make it big, winning many awards too. So here are my picks for the five best films that the world of Independent Cinema has to offer.


dir. Quentin Tarantino

Mr.Pink, Mr.White, Mr.Black, Mr.Brown, Mr.Blonde the ‘Reservoir Dogs’

Up first is Quentin Tarantino’s directorial debut which has since been named as ‘The Greatest Independent Film of All Time’ by Empire Magazine. Reservoir Dogs is a film that captures the spirit of independent cinema, with a low budget, smart screenplay, awesome soundtrack, and relatively unknown or underrated actors. Tarantino did a great job of capturing the feel of 90s cinema too, and Reservoir Dogs still remains one of the simplest yet best crime films to date.


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