Black Mirror Season Seven Is Confirmed

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Season seven of Black Mirror has been renewed by Netflix. And there’s more news for fans, as Black Mirror confirms they’ll return to the USS CallisterWith each episode offering a distinct dystopian storyline, its a pleasant surprise Black Mirror will revisit the highly rated plot.

The streamer announced the news at a ‘Next on Netflix’ Picturehouse Central Cinema event in London. At the event, they shared a teaser for the new season which included a message saying “Robert Daly is dead, but for the crew of the USS Callister, their problems are just beginning.” 

Titled the ‘USS Callister’, the first episode of season four left off on a cliffhanger which fans have filled with theories of their own for years. In the episode, Jesse Plemons works as a programmer, but by night goes to a universe inspired by Star Trek. His crew is created with his co-workers DNA, taking on digital versions of them in this alternative world. They work as a team, but when a new person joins them, his team members turn against him which ends up putting Plemons’ character in danger. 

It’s easily one of the most talked about episodes of the whole show, so it’s no surprise they have gone back to this plot for the new season teaser to reel fans in. With the last season offering a new plethora of dark twins and turns, we can expect Charlie Booker’s infamous, dystopian TV show to offer a new dark turn in the USS Callister storyline. 

Right now, there is no exact release date, but the Black Mirror official X page have confirmed the release to be in 2025 and to be six episodes long.

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