Book Review: Simply Nigella // Nigella Lawson


Amidst the euphoria the festive season brings, there was one present I unwrapped this year that topped the lot – weird considering I received a disgusting amount of chocolate. However, this gift was far more delectable to my taste buds that day. It was of course, Simply Nigella by the domestic goddess Nigella Lawson. The book runs in conjunction with her series of the same name on BBC 2, and I guess my parents got my endless, un-mistakable hints about wanting the book from the way I raved about her show. Critics argue that she is just another unhealthy cook, disguised as good in order to make our nation fatter. I disagree…

Being a newcomer to the world of cooking literature, I was not quite sure what to expect when I began to tuck into her 125-recipe masterpiece. As evident from her delectable cooking programme, her food is classy and sophisticated – of which I am neither, sadly. However, I soon discovered that her recipes are as simple and stress less as they are mind-numbingly posh. The only drawback of her book that I feel obliged to note is that her ingredients are so exotic that they are probably hard to find in regular supermarkets (sorry mum). Credit where credit’s due, however, as she acknowledges this and provides a stocklist and places to find them on her website.

As one delves further into the depths of her book, one discovers a certain personality about the book – as if it has been made specifically for you. Each mouth-watering recipe is accompanied by an introduction of why the recipe has been made and you can really feel the love that Lawson has for her creations. Plus, the book is full of her conversational tones, with her sensual and, sometimes funny observations (I think we should get ‘fabulously festive’ trademarked). From her quick and calm evening meals, to bowlfood – for those days spent on the sofa, to her tantalising showstoppers and puds.

When one reads a creation such as this, one thing is undeniably clear – Nigella Lawson is a master of creation. It is evident that she puts love, care and passion into her cooking and this really helps to ignite the passion of readers. If you believe that cookbooks aren’t for you (like I did), I assure you that you are missing out on a most spectacular thing.

Word By Joe Lewin


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