Celebrating Bi Visibility Day


The Importance Of Being An Ally

One way in which you can help the bi+ community is to become an ally. Regardless of how you identify, allies are extremely important when it comes to bi+ visibility and combating bi+ erasure. By having allies create spaces for bisexual+ voices to exist and be amplified, a more inclusive society edges ever closer.

Here are three ways to help you become an ally.

Acknowledge The Existence Of Bi+ Identities

Bisexuality is a legitimate sexuality that isn’t defined by an individual’s current relationship status. In a society in which binaries are easier to comprehend, people often lazily assume someone’s present partner as defining them as “straight” or “gay”. Microaggressions like this function to erase the bi+ identity. If somebody identifies as bi+, it is your duty to accept this, and to not make your own assumptions. 

Challenge Biphobia

Biphobia is the fear of, and discrimination against, those who identify as bisexual. It can be recognised as either being active antagonism, microaggressions or erasure. From the misconception that bisexual men “aren’t fully out of the closet” or that bisexual women are “going through a phase”, beliefs like this all function to invalidate the experience of members of the bi+ community. If you encounter biphobia, it is important to always speak out against it.

Being complicit in the discrimination of others is often just as bad as being the direct perpetrator.

Learn About Bi+ Identities

The more you learn about bi+ identities, the less you will be prone to accepting biphobia and erasure. 

Talk to members of the bi+ community (if appropriate) about their own experiences. The chances are that they’d be more than happy to talk to you about it. However, it is important to note that one person’s experience of bisexuality is always going to be different from somebody else’s. 

Similarly, take some time to do some of your own research. Access different online resources, listen to podcasts or even watch some interviews with openly bi+ celebrities. Doing background research will do more than making your more clued up. It will also mean that your future conversations will be more exciting.

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