Charlie Burg Releases His Highly Anticipated EP ‘Three, Fever’


Hailing from Metro Detroit, Michigan, Charlie Burg gathers inspiration from all corners of the music spectrum. His music is a technicolour sweater, woven with his unique brand of warmth, soul, and upbeat funk.

Since his father gifted him a book of Ralph Waldo Emerson essays, Charlie has taken influence from his work, particularly Emerson’s essay ‘Love’. Using ‘Love’ as inspiration, Charlie gathered a series of three EP’s, all of which make a cohesive project, but each has three completely unique sonic messages.

The names of the two previous EP’s were ‘One ,Violet’, ‘Two, Moonlight’ and now Charlie has just released the final instalment ‘Three, Fever’.

Opening with ‘Fever’, an immediate feeling of warmth is creating before Charlie’s soft vocals take centre stage. Mixing production with soul, the EP opens on a strong note and sets the EP up for success.

“To Dance Is To Love” highlights Charlie’s funk and soul, creating a track that makes the listener want to dance and groove. “Avalanche” featuring Ausentyo follows suit with the funky vibe, creating a truly individual track. “Avalanche” combines a variety of different genres, giving Charlie Burg an unexpected edge that demands to be heard.

Tracks such as “Make You Wait” (featuring Hans) and “Far From” showcase Charlie’s softer side and close the EP on a mellow note. Showcasing his various talents throughout the EP, “Far From” is the perfect closure to this chapter and leaves the listener itching for more.

“Three, Fever” is a clever combination of impressive lyrics, soulful jams and incredible vocals. Charlie Burg stands tall on this release, proving to be one of his most successful and powerful releases to date.

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