‘Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina’ Part 4 Trailer Prepares Us For The Worst


The path of night and the path of light. The occult, voodoo, and pagans. Sabrina Spellman (Kiernan Shipka) has faced it all at the age of sixteen in the quaint, unsuspecting town of Greendale, but the greatest threat of all is yet to arrive as the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina commences it’s fourth and final season.

When part three of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (or CAOS as it is affectionately shortened to) concluded back in January many storylines had just been introduced and left open to interpretation, but now Netflix’s newest trailer has provided viewers with key information.

From the opening scene, all seems fine and well at the Spellman residence: the coven is together and enjoying Sabrina’s birthday with a home-baked cake courtesy of Aunt Hilda (Lucy Davis). Unfortunately, there is a darkness looming over the celebration and all isn’t as it seems.

The first plot point revealed is the mysterious Eldritch Terrors: pitched as uncanny, ancient, and holding the potential for irreversible catastrophe. While the details unveiled about them prior to the conclusion of the previous season have been vague, it was definite that they caused Faustus Blackwood’s (Richard Coyle) decline in mental stability. Blackwood even shockingly proclaimed in the trailer that he can use these supernatural beings to “warp reality itself” – foreshadowing difficulties to come. It is clear these terrors will be a prominent, opposing force to our protagonists before the higher power of the ambiguous ‘void’ brings about “the end of all things”.

As expected, the alteration of reality is further seconded through the return of Sabrina Morningstar, Sabrina Spellman’s hell-ruling doppelgänger, who appeared to resolve all of her problems by allowing Spellman to reinstate her ‘normal’ high school life. However, no time paradox has ever come without an inescapable liability, and as the trailer has shown it seems that danger for one Sabrina is bound to affect the other to an extent.

Reassuringly though, not all relationships are doomed by the arrival of Sabrina’s seventeenth year. Showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa stated in a recent Instagram post that there will be,

“last kisses, a satanic battle-of-the-bands, and some very, very special guest stars”.

This hopefully means we will see at the very least *some* happiness for both mortals and witches before the world ends. Most fans will be rooting for the long time ship of warlock Nick Scratch and Sabrina, while others may be looking for a Harvey and Roz reunion or scenes between Robin and Theo. All these possibilities are most likely to be expected if the snippets the trailer gifted us with are anything to go by. As the witching community stands it seems that the Order of Hecate (the reformed Church of Night) will unite one last time for battle – but whether they can survive more loss is questionable. Especially with all the tragedy that has ensued within the coven in the past year.

For now, the real question to be answered is will all end happily on December 31st, or tragically, like the rest of 2020.

Words by Emilia Butcher-Marroqui


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