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Editorial Team

Founder & Music Editor: Beth Kirkbride

Email: bethindiependent@gmail.com

Beth is a 21 year old English Literature finalist at the University of Oxford with a tendency to force everyone she meets to take the Myers Briggs test. When she’s not sat on her laptop editing articles she’s most likely to be found at a gig, or curled up in an armchair with a good book.

Deputy Music Editor: Callum McCormack

Email: callummccormack96@hotmail.co.uk  

Hi I’m Callum McCormack and I’m the deputy Music Editor. Currently studying Music Journalism at Southampton Solent University and spreading my sarcastic and pessimistic views across the land. Originally from the city of sin that is Coventry. If I could describe myself in one song it would be ‘I’m A Realist’ by The Cribs, that should give you a solid idea on my personality. I’ve got a huge passion for festivals and I’m aspiring to be a music journalist. I’m nice though I promise…

Head of Photography: Lewis Evans

Email: lewisevans96@live.co.uk

I’m currently in my 3rd year at the University of Sheffield, where I’m studying Journalism. I’ve developed a bit of a passion for photography over the past couple of years and can often be found at most gigs with a camera in hand. The Indie is definitely a good outlet to get involved with if you’re a music lover.

Discover Editor: Priya Bryant

Email: priyaindiependent@gmail.com  

Hiya I’m Priya, I read History at Cambridge University. I’ve been editor of the Discover section of The Indiependent since February 2015, and along with my co-editor Sam love taking the opportunity to reach out and widen the influence of unsigned artists at the most important moments in their careers.

When I’m not listening to almost every genre of music under the sun I’m an aspiring journalist (with writing published in the Guardian and Huffington Post) and a poet (one of the winners of the Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award 2016). In my spare time, I enjoy rice cakes, rewatching Bridget Jones, and the colour of the sea in winter.

Deputy Discover Editor: Samantha King

Email: samantha.indiependent@gmail.com

I’m Sam and I’m an English & Film student at University of Dundee. I love writing about bands and exposing people to what could be their new favourites – as Discover deputy editor I’m also here to work with anyone who shares this passion. Aside from that I’m obsessed with pop culture and like to yell about anything that interests me and turn it into a massive essay. I spend most of my time either at gigs or binge-watching shows and I can pretty much quote the entirety of Trainspotting.

Books Editor: Caitlin O’Connor

Email: caitlinindiependent@gmail.com
Twitter: @caitlinnoconnor 

A Scouser living in Scotland, I study English Literature and History at the University and Edinburgh. I’m a keen reader, a feminist, and I genuinely think my calling in life is to ruin at least one meal a month by talking about politics to loudly – yeah, I’m a load of fun.I’ve been writing for the Indiependent since October 2014, and in the time since I have loved being able to share my thoughts on such an exciting platform. I’ve written articles about literature, music and current political events mostly, alongside the odd style piece. Above everything else, I’m whole-heartedly passionate about really rubbish rom-coms.

Deputy Books Editor: Gabriel Rutherford

Email: gabriel.indiependent@gmail.com

Studying English lit and Philosophy at Glasgow uni. I like to write about anything really, but my interests lie mostly in books and literature, which is why I’m the deputy books editor! Writing does play a big part in my life – I write now, mostly here, and my dream is to write for a living sometime in the future, as a journalist, or an author. To sign off, The Indiependent is a great platform for any writer to develop their craft and an opportunity work with fantastic people with similar interests, and I’m proud to edit and write here.

Film Editor: Elliott Jones 

Email: elliottjones.indiependent@gmail.com

I’m a student at NTU studying Media, Film & TV. I am absolutely obsessed with films and spend a lot of time at the cinema, as well as binge watching series on Netflix and listening to music. I’m always going to gigs and my favourite band will always remain Arctic Monkeys. My idols are probably Christopher Nolan, Stanley Kubrick and Damien Chazelle and my ambition is to one day write and direct films. Something interesting about me would probably be the fact that I’m related to the should-be President Hillary Clinton!

Deputy Film Editor: Ed Budds


TV Editor: Tim Goodfellow

Email: timindiependent@gmail.com

English graduate and writer. Originally from Derby and now in Hull, which is a unique and quirky place. Eventually want to write for a living – At the moment I’m on the hunt for money, food and experience but having as much fun as I can along the way. I also love: music; films; playing guitar; spending time with friends and leather bound notebooks.

Opinion Editor: Lydia Ibrahim

Email: lydiaibrahim@outlook.com
Twitter: @lydiamibrahim

I currently work for Amnesty International UK in London on their ‘Campaigns’ department, where we inform people about current issues across the world.

I am also the curator of Femini Magazine, an independent publication which speaks about women’s rights. I’m mostly interested in current affairs, politics and fashion and love researching these topics in my spare time. Running a magazine which promotes the personal stories of women and their cultural struggle brings to light just how important it is to engage young people in political affairs and The Indiependent does an amazing job of giving young people a platform to raise their concerns.

Opinion Editor: Georgia Hinson

Email: georgia.hinson@hotmail.com

A-level student, Londoner and cat-lover with a passion for politics, literature and above all, toblerone. An outlet that offers young people a place to speak their mind is of the utmost importance to me, and The Indiependent does just that. As opinion editor I seek to work with other creators in providing readers with high quality articles from our amazing array of writers!

Gaming News Editor: Megan Roxburgh

Email: meganindiependent@gmail.com

Hi, I’m Megan Roxburgh and I’m the Gaming News Editor. I describe myself as a girl of two worlds who’s trying to figure it all out.

While I do that, I spend my time with some form of controller in my hands getting lost in a good story. Otherwise, I’m not much to be honest – just a twenty-something Scot who watches a lot of television, always watches the “Making of” documentaries first with films (Peter Jackson has set some unrealistic goals for everyone and I adore him for it) and who is thankful for the opportunities that writing for The Indiependent has given me.

Not much else to say really other than one thing – I can still hear and pick out ADR/dubbing no matter how hard you try but I applaud the effort!

Gaming Features Editor: MaryHelen Josephine

Email: maryhelenindiependent@gmail.com

Mary Helen is a college senior in New York City looking to get anyone and everyone interested in gaming. Her bloodstream is mostly caffeine, she’s the president of a co-ed fraternity, an on-air personality at her college’s radio station, and continues to procrastinate on homework assignments in order to attend concerts or hit the next checkpoint in a video game.

Sub-editor: Joshua Cathcart

Email: joshua.cathcart@chch.ox.ac.uk

Currently I study English Language and Literature at the University of Oxford and am involved in a number of projects in and out of uni. I’m a big fan of music, making and looking at art, and, as my degree dictates, reading. Acting is another hobby of mine, which feeds into my love of film and theatre.

What I enjoy most about the Indiependent is its multifarious ideas and opinions, and I love being able to listen to such a variety of people my age.


Hannah Campbell

Email: hannahcampbell1234@gmail.com
Twitter: @hancxmpbell

19 year old scouser residing in London for uni. A harbourer of the niche interest in theology and a mediocre King’s College student. Cat enthusiast, music lover and instagram addict✌🏻 

India Woodward

Email: indiafdwoodward@aol.co.uk

My name is India and, since I am 18, you can correctly assume that I spend most of my time drinking a concerning amount of alcohol with my friends. On top of this, I read ravenously, my ‘go-to’ genre being dystopian; however, I cannot resist a romance and lean towards non-fictions with more philosophical/economical tones,too. If you, for some odd reason, wish to trigger me, you just need to say “don’t bother reading that, they made it into a movie” or “I don’t see the point in voting”. My absolute, rose-tinted, heart-aches-for dream is to move into a swanky apartment in Chicago and write dystopian best-sellers.

Brianna Humes

Email: bri.ranae@gmail.com

My name is Brianna and I’m from IL, USA. I enjoy writing about political/social issues, as well as opinion pieces on film and music. I travel abroad 6 months out of the year and I aspire to study and work in the fashion industry. I grew to love and appreciate writing since around the age of 14. I love reading and gaining inspiration from other contributors from the site as well. I hope my words offer moments of entertainment and thoughtfulness to my audience. I am eager to carry on with delivering quality and enjoyable content as long as time allows. 

Alice Moulding

Email: alicenm@hotmail.co.uk

22, County Durham,  fully fledged graduate for a whole year but still finding my feet. My favourite question is “why?”, some call me nosy but I prefer the term ‘curious’. 

Betsy Middleton

Email: betsymiddleton13@gmail.com

Betsy is from Sheffield but is currently in her first year of studying a Liberal Arts and Sciences degree programme at University College Utrecht. Her bedside table is always toppling with books, of which her current favourites include: Their Eyes Were Watching God, Zora Neale Hurston; The Book of Laughter and Forgetting, Milan Kundera; and Mort, Terry Pratchett. She loves to listen to jazz music; anything from Benny Goodman to Snarky Puppy. She also likes spending time outside, camping and walking, and inside, playing the clarinet or watching The Gilmore Girls.

Ethan Shone

Email: ethanshone@outlook.com
Twitter: @EJShone93 

I’m a creative writer and journalist from Leeds. I like to tells stories; true or otherwise. Avid musician and total nerd for alternative/indie music. Card-carrying Labour member and drug reform campaigner with Clear UK. Eschewed University in pursuit of a career in lighting and regretted it ever since, currently studying journalism and copywriting at lunchtimes, evening and weekends and hoping to be travelling the world by the end of 2018.

Ella Thorns

Email: ethorns@hotmail.co.uk

As an architecture student in Bath my life is extremely hectic and spent mostly in the studio, it is here where I have the chance to listen to music for hours on end through the long days and nights. For me, finding new songs and artists is one of my favourite daily activities as to not get weary of Frank Ocean playing for the thirtieth time and acts as a means to put off that coursework for just a little bit longer. The spare few moments I have a week I dedicate to reading and writing for my own blog and the department’s magazine.

Joe Gray


Third year history student. Champagne Socialist turned amphetamine communist

Anna Gregory

Email: annarose.gregory@btinternet.com

I’m Anna, I’m starting my first year studying journalism at Sheffield Hallam University and have been writing for the site for two years. I’m video game mad, there isn’t a day when I’m not playing something and I play Overwatch pretty much everyday. I am also slightly too obsessed with Mass Effect. I am heavily into music, my favourite genre being pop-punk but I do listen to a wide range from Paramore to Gabrielle Aplin. I enjoy going to gigs and aim to go to as many as I possibly can.

Issy Marcantonio

Email: issy.marcantonio@hotmail.com

beatnik boffin, full time feminist, and part time witch

Sophie Van Remortel

Email: livelifeindie@gmail.com 

Hello internet explorer! My name is Sophie, and I’m currently a college student planning to major in Communications with a focus on Broadcast & Digital Media, along with the addition of a Creative Writing Minor. Outside of University I’m an avid whale lover, yogi, music discoverer, adventurer, photographer, fashionista, and sushi conqueror. My best advice is to live each day to its fullest, and remember to always be mindful of the moment.

Samm Anga

Email: saberanga@yahoo.co.uk

20 almost. Student. Aberdeen. Your ever-reliable narrator. Read my articles with just a dash of sarcasm and a subtle sympathetic energy, a gentle drizzle of pretension, and the soft echo of unrequited heartbreak, orchestrated by a soft poignant syncopation. 

Megan Wilson

Email: meglouisewilson@gmail.com

Editor, writer and performer. Lover of music, fashion and arts. Arsenal fan.

Will Moore

Email: willmooreemails@gmail.com

Currently studying Religious and Theological Studies at Cardiff University, whilst writing and making music when I find the time.

Joe Lewin

Email: joe.lewin15@gmail.com
Often described as the dumbest smart person you’ll ever meet (thanks mum), with an overtly stressed aura and an alarming propensity to get lost whenever he ventures outdoors. A traveller who did two continents in two months, and who will drop that into conversation now and again in order to sound pretentious. Finally, an aspiring lawyer, oxford-reject and general knowledge lover who expresses himself through his only skill (written word if you hadn’t noticed) and who enjoys referring to himself in the third person. There it is. Three needlessly complex sentences which perfectly describe the needlessly complex, Joe.

Will Ainsley

Email: will.r.ainsley@gmail.com

Hi, I’m Will, I’m a third-year at Leeds University reading English Literature. I love covering all aspects of music, in particular albums, festivals, and gigs. I like all kinds of music from around the world, from yacht-rock, to ye-ye, trip-hop to techno, and noise to new-wave. I don’t like electro-swing. I also play in a band called jellyskin.

Georgia Welch

Email: gwelch96@gmail.com

I’m a 21 year old writer, graduate and lover of film, music, art and nature. I love to write about all manner of things, be it politics, theatre or travelling experiences, but my main love is film. No art form infiltrates the way I am more that cinema, which is why I enjoy sharing my thoughts on it and opening up the debate to others. You’ll most likely find me either watching Lost In Translation or reading a Raymond Carver short story.

Paige Bradshaw

Email: paigebradshaw118@gmail.com

Hey! I’m Paige. Writer. Bookworm. Film enthusiast and lover of cake, flamingos and Tom Hanks. When I’ve not got my head in a book, I can be found either wading through university coursework, hanging out with my friends or having a nap with my dog, Ralph. I’m a second year student at De Montfort University in Leicester, meaning I’m often running into lectures with a coffee or sitting in the library until an ungodly hour in the morning x.

Annabelle Fuller

Email: annabelledebrafuller@gmail.com

Bibliophile, especially for Evelyn Waugh, the Brontës, and Catullus. I like both the Pre-Raphaelites and Raphael, strawberries, writing, reading, and writing about reading.

Megan Bakewell

Email: meganbakewell202@gmail.com

20, Londoner in training whilst studying Public Relations. Low-key trying to take over the world in high heels

Alicia Boukersi

Email: Aliciaboukersi@gmail.com
20. Manchester. Broadcast Journalism and Foreign Languages student at UoS. Passionate about literature and live music.

Kristen Sinclair

Email: kristen97@talktalk.net

Bowie fangirl from Ireland studying French and Spanish. Music trivia geek, Virgo, red lipstick junkie, Diet Cokehead. Probably at a gig

Sophie McEvoy

Email: sophiemmcevoy@gmail.com

I’m Sophie, a BA Film graduate stuck in the 1990s. I try to keep up with current music, television and film but always seem to find myself drifting back to decades past. Music, film and television may be my forte, but I do enjoy writing opinion pieces on cultural and political events. 

Jack Hollis

Email: jagh96@hotmail.co.uk

I’m currently studying English Literature at Birmingham City University. At the moment I’m writing album reviews, mainly covering hip-hop and electronic music, but watch out for some stuff in the film section soon. I like David Lynch, David Bowie and David Attenborough.

  Polly Dale

Email: pollydale808@yahoo.co.uk

I’m Polly, although my name sounds quintessentially British and girly, I actually have a lot to say about the world, tv, films and books. To some I’m too opinionated but I think it’s called having a wider perspective than my peripheral vision can see.

I am reading Law at Lancaster University, as an aspiring lawyer in the future. I like to put that into informal conversations to come across as smart but the truth is I work hard enough to be able to do so (see it’s pompous of me to say even in written text). I have travelled a lot, which makes me wise beyond my years, as well as overtly deep and ‘cultured’. I just want the world to hear a voice that wishes to see change in this wonderful yet dark world. 

Amie Bailey

Email: amielouisebailey@gmail.com

Amie is a 22-year-old History student who has an extraordinary ability to relate all events in her life to a musical theatre song. Head to the West End cheap seats, the barrier at a gig or an art gallery ticket desk and you’ll probably find her. Hopefully you’ll see her on the stage one day; if not, sitting at home with a cup of tea and endless repeats of Friends works fine, too.

 Zia Larty-Healy

Email: zee2197@gmail.com

My name is Zia. My favourite things are; music, singing, drawing, lathering on eyeliner, reading, finding garish clothes in charity shops, playing gigs, going to gigs, staying in or going out with my favourite people (e.g. day trips, festivals, pubs, museums, galleries), exploring, writing.

I’m currently studying English Language and Literature in the wonderful city of Leeds. I sing/play synth in my band, jellyskin. One of our highlights as a band was supporting The Moonlandingz at The Leadmill! Proud to be part of The Indiependent, a group of great young people who love to write about things they love.

Max Mowbray

Email: MMowbray96@hotmail.com

There’s no massively interesting way to say I study Broadcast Journalism at the University of West London, and nobody really reads or appreciates the work yet. I was born in the 90s (but only just), I love music and hate peanut butter, I’m interested in politics and I play rugby. Also Top Trumps are pretty cool. Essentially my body thinks I’m about 24, but my mind still wants to select the ‘16-18’ section when it fills in forms.

If you read my articles for The Indiependent you’ll hopefully enjoy something about music, books and film, or potentially sports and politics opinion pieces that I couldn’t fit into a tweet. In a perfect world, a few years down the line, a similar sort of thing will be coming from page two of the Guardian’s Saturday magazine or out of the BBCR1 studios. Then someone might read AND appreciate the output, and I’ll finally be able to afford a screen repair for my tacky 4th gen iPodJ