Dead By Daylight Reveals Second Resident Evil Chapter: Project W

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Fresh from the biggest shake-up of the game in years, Dead by Daylight is treating players to even more content, with the reveal of a second part to the Resident Evil Chapter. Initially teased during their 6th Anniversary livestream, this chapter (titled Project W), will see the introduction of Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers as survivors, and the devious Albert Wesker as the killer.

Initially released as part of the game’s 5th year anniversary, the Resident Evil Chapter, saw Leon Kennedy, Jill Valentine and the oppressive Nemesis join the roster of survivors and killers. Alongside them, other Resident Evil mainstays, Chris and Claire Redfield joined the ranks as legendary cosmetic sets. Dead by Daylight is no stranger to acquiring incredible licences that place some of the most legendary horror icons into the mix. But, this is the first time that developers, Behaviour Interactive, have announced a second part to one of their existing chapters, and did so during their inaugural Behaviour Beyond showcase. However, attentive players may have seen that various assets were leaked on social media days prior, including character models for Rebecca, Ada and Wesker.

While most chapters typically come with a corresponding map, Project W will instead come with a rework of the existing Raccoon City Police Department map. A map that has divided the opinion of the player base, R.P.D. itself will now be divided into two separate wings, aiming to make the map more accessible and balanced for killer and survivor mains alike.

While little is known about the characters’ abilities thus far (unless you pay particularly close attention to those increasingly reliable leaks that emerged in the days prior to this reveal), players will have a few titbits of information to keep them going until the Player Test Build releases prior to the chapter’s inevitable September release.

Characteristically, the perks and powers for licensed characters in Dead by Daylight are usually reflective of their originating games. With Ada being a covert tactician with a penchant for self-preservation, it can be assumed her perks will put stealth and information at the forefront. Rebecca Chambers, on the other hand, is a medic, so her perks may revolve around healing and camaraderie.

Perhaps the most we know so far is Wesker’s ability. Having infected himself with the Uroboros strain of the T-Virus from Resident Evil 5, Wesker has become the perfect specimen, with superhuman dexterity and monstrously brutal strength. While undoubtedly more details will emerge in the coming weeks, this continuation of Resident Evil content is a sign that Dead by Daylight continues to be the ultimate horror celebration.

Words by Jack Roberts


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