Dead By Daylight’s Latest Tome Challenges Are A Saw Crossover

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As Dead By Daylight players prepare for the arrival of the Ringu chapter in March, Behaviour Interactive are quenching their thirst for blood with a whole new set of Tome challenges. This time, they’re adding cosmetic content and in-game lore to licensed characters from the iconic horror franchise, Saw.

It’s no secret that Dead By Daylight is jam packed with characters. Every three months sees a new chapter revealed, with a whole host of new killers, survivors and maps for players to sink their teeth into. The Tome challenges unlock new lore for these characters, as well as new cosmetics and charms for killers and survivors alike to wear as they are hunted or hunting. Similar to Fortnite’s battle pass system, players work their way through various challenges to accrue rift fragments that gradually unlock these rewards. On this occasion, these rewards are all themed around Saw.

Most notable are the brand new cosmetic sets for the killer, The Pig and survivor, Detective David Tapp. Armed with her signature wrist-mounted blade with a serrated twist, The Pig’s cosmetic “Amanda’s Rebirth” borrows heavily from Billy, the puppet that has become synonymous with the franchise. Ditching the grotesque pig’s head for a puppet mask and macabre crown, it is sure to appease lovers of the films. While on the survivor side of things, Detective Tapp’s “Grill Champ” outfit, veers toward the sillier side of Saw, as he prepares for what looks like a barbecue. Various charms to adorn your hooks and hips are also available to unlock, including one with Billy the Puppet riding his signature tricycle.

While Jigsaw himself is absent from the game, he casts an ominous omniscient presence over these challenges. His proxy, Amanda Young, has taken up the mantle as the stealthy Pig killer, able to creep around the maps and ambush survivors. Moreover, she can also place Saw’s most recognisable torture device, the Reverse Beartrap, on the heads of survivors, setting a timer for them to remove it, before they reach an untimely demise. Since their arrival in the game in 2018, Dead By Daylight has seen many incredible licenses join their pantheon of horror, including Hellraiser, Resident Evil and Silent Hill.

With a slew of new tests that would give Jigsaw himself a run for his money, this latest Tome will test the mettle of players as they fight to unlock these new Saw themed goodies. Just remember, if you see a Pig player out there, be sure to always boop the snoot!

The Saw Tome for Dead By Daylight is available now.

Words by Jack Roberts


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