Disney Drops A Stellar ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ Trailer For ‘Star Wars’ Day


May 4th holds a special day in the hearts of Star Wars fans, with many celebrating by rewatching the numerous films and the TV shows. Disney no doubt feels the same way as well, as it blessed fans with a second trailer for the highly anticipated Obi-Wan Kenobi series.

Audiences have been clamouring for a Kenobi show for several years, and the second trailer is something that delivers an extra shot of hype. The new trailer shows off some more of the plot for the series, as well as a better look at Moses Ingram’s Third Sister, and Joel Edgerton’s, Uncle Owen.

Watch the trailer here:

Trailer Breakdown

The trailer opens with a sprawling shot of the new planet Daiyu, with the writer Joby Harold explaining that the planet has a “Hong Kong feel to it” with a “graffiti-ridden nightlife and is kind of edgy”. The previous trailer showed the Inquisitors on the hunt for Obi-Wan on the planet, as well as Obi-Wan cloaked up, trying to stay hidden. 

The next shot shows Sung Kang’s character, the Fifth Brother, leading a squad of stormtroopers, presumably on the hunt for our titular hero.

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Voice over from Ewan McGregor covers the next few shots of the Inquisitors checking Tatooine, telling an unknown character to stay hidden. It is likely they are hiding from the Inquisitors. Who Obi-Wan is talking to is a mystery, but as it is a fugitive from the Empire it is possible that it could be another Jedi. The shot of Luke from the previous trailer returns, only this time with added tension given by the prior shot.

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In a voice that has a twang of Alec Guinness to it, Obi-Wan pleads with Owen to let him train Luke, however, is rebuffed by a gut punch line “Like you trained his father?”. No doubt this will fuel Obi Wan’s mental state in the show, as he comes to terms with training Vader.

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The Fortress Inquisitorius is also given a better look, with its hangar bays and control room. Later on, it seems there is a fight breaking out, with the Third Sister igniting her lightsaber and troopers getting at the ready. It is in these brief shots a new edition from Jedi: Fallen Order can be made out. Purge Troopers. In the game, Purge troopers serve as elite troopers, serving under the Inquisitors to help them hunt Jedi. Whilst their look is slightly different to the game, they are a welcome edition nonetheless.

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The Third Sister is also given a more prominent role, with her quest for Kenobi seeming personal, as she orders a bounty to be placed on the Jedi. This gives the audience more clarity to some shots in the prior trailer. A similar shot is shown that was in the first trailer following this announcement, but with a clearer focus on Kenobi and a bounty hunter. It isn’t just the Inquisitors that will be hunting him.

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Two other characters that made an appearance in this role are an as of yet unnamed robot from the first trailer, though it can now be seen attacking stormtroopers, seemingly showing that it is on Obi Wan’s side. Kumail Nanjiani’s character also appears, wearing what appear to be Jedi robes. This is the first look at Nanjiani in the series, and it could be the character Obi-Wan was talking to at the beginning.

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The final few shots of the trailer show the Third Sister chasing Obi-Wan, whilst yelling that he can not escape “him”. Audiences will immediately know he is Darth Vader, whose fight with the titular character is described as “the rematch of the century” by the President of Lucasfilm, Kathleen Kennedy. Vader is then shown to be reassembled, with his iconic breathing to close the trailer out.

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Obi-Wan Kenobi will follow the titular character, played by Ewan McGregor, ten years after his greatest defeat, as he is hunted down by Inquisitors and Vader. The first two episodes will debut on May 27th, with it returning to a Wednesday showing on June 1st.

Words by Kieran Burt

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