Dolly Parton Reveals New Role In The Beloved Netflix Show ‘Grace And Frankie’


The trio who dazzled the screen through all 85 episodes in the American Sitcom 9 To 5 is to make a sweet reunion, however in a different setting and playing different characters. Grace And Frankie, through a Netflix original series, have built their friendship through all 6 seasons; charming us with their chemistry and charisma. Lily Tonkin and Jane Fonda take on the main roles of Frankie and Grace, respectively, and are soon to be joined by an old friend, the one and only… Dolly Parton.

The country music star broke the news whilst on the UK talk show Lorraine, spilling to viewers that, before the show comes to an end, she would be seen working alongside her former partners in crime. She even let slip that she had been “trying to do Grace and Frankie for years,” however, due to circumstances with Covid-19, filming for this final and fabulous season had been delayed on multiple occasions, preventing the ‘Jolene’ singer from doing so.

Grace and Frankie showcase the lives of two women who become unlikely best friends. Grace, a retired cosmetics mogul, and Frankie, a hippie art teacher, are left with only each other when their respective husbands reveal they are to leave them both as they are romantically involved with each other. The series follows the two characters and all the ups and downs they encounter, providing their engrossed viewers with all the entertainment of their hilarious and heartwarming lives. The two also star alongside Sam Waterston and Peter Gallagher, who play Sol and Nick.

The seventh and final season of the Netflix original will air next year and viewers are anxious for the plot of its enthralling episodes to be revealed with, of course, the most exciting part of it all: Dolly Parton’s tremendous feature! 

Words by Ruby Waters

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