Don’t Judge A Playlist By It’s Maker


The best thing about contributing to a music blog hands down has to be the exposure to alternative genres of music and other people’s music tastes. Everybody has their ‘go-to’ genre but we decided to club together, reveal our unexpected tracks (or in some cases confess our sins) and prove that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover…or a playlist by it’s maker!

That’s Life // Frank Sinatra

It is probably safe to say that Frank Sinatra wouldn’t be the most anticipated artist on any 18 year old girl’s playlist and whilst alevels may have provided me with a few grey hairs, I probably still don’t fit in with his crowd of usual fans.

The reason ‘That’s Life’ holds a place on my ipod is partly because of nostalgic sentimental memories I have of driving home from school with my Grandad, singing happily along to Frank’s tracks, enabling me to perfect the art of ‘deep old man voice’ from an early age. Yet I also do genuinely like the song and appreciate the lyrics when things don’t go my way and my plans fail to fall into place, because hey, that’s life!

Words by Jess Readett



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