Don’t Leave Me Waiting // Newton Faulkner

Don’t Leave Me Waiting’ is the new single by much loved musician Newton Faulkner, which was released on the 25th January.

Having already released six studio albums, the English singer-songwriter has another big and exciting year ahead of him as he has announced a greatest hits record entitled ‘The Very Best of Newton Faulkner… So Far’, which is due to be released in early March.

‘Don’t Leave Me Waiting’ launches with Faulkner’s distinctive percussive guitar riff, and this, coupled with the steady, rhythmic beat of the song, makes it clear from the beginning that this is going to be another of the singer’s first-rate tracks.

Newton Faulkner’s unique vocals and easy listening material always make for a chilled and smooth listen, and this track is no exception.
‘Don’t Leave Me Waiting’ is a great mood boost of a song, with a very catchy chorus, and is laid-back and mellow, whilst all the time still being an extremely enjoyable listening experience.

To find more on Newton Faulkner and his upcoming tour dates this Spring, you can check out his website:

Words by Sarah Turner

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