Track Review: Don’t Stop // Oasis


An unheard Oasis song is like finding a needle in a haystack. As the band that formed British culture as we know it, Wonderwall enthusiasts across the globe rejoiced this week. Noel Gallagher revealed plans to upload an original unreleased Oasis demo, rediscovered whilst he was clearing out some old coverless CDs.

This newly dug-up titled Don’t Stop embodies all the warmth of old Oasis days. With wistful lyrics, a familiar guitar strum and an ode to less stressful times, the song creates a dream-like quality. By combining subtle bongos with their famously echoey guitar riffs, you can hear the bands youth. Yet youthfulness is most noteworthily in Noel’s lead vocals.

Being their first release since 2006, this could not have come at a better time. In a gorgeous eulogy to itself, the song pleads: “don’t stop your laughing”, promising we can “hold back the night”. Amidst the public panic from Covid-19, it is reassuring that even the most famously uncouth brothers are thinking about the wellbeing of the nation.

On Twitter, Noel’s statement regarding the release of Don’t Stop rounds off with “You’re welcome by the way.” Despite the conceited front from the Gallaghers and after listening to this song on repeat, I believe thanks might just be in order.

Words by Harriet Fisk


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