E3 2021: All The Announcements from Capcom’s Showcase Presentation


E3 conferences are usually full of a few surprises and reveals, but not for Capcom’s 2021 event. The company announced ahead of time that their presentation would focus on Resident Evil Village, the Monster Hunter series, and Ace Attorney. Which is exactly what we got, along with a little bit of Capcom Fighters eSports hype.

Resident Evil Village

First up was Resident Evil Village. Producer Tsuyoshi Kanda announced that DLC is currently in development for the survival horror title but didn’t give any other details. Kanda also acknowledged the 25th Anniversary of Resident Evil during his appearance.

For those waiting for news on the multiplayer Resident Evil RE: Verse were in luck as Kanda confirmed that it will be launching this July.

Monster Hunter

Next to be showcased was the latest from the Monster Hunter franchise. Starting off with a new story trailer for Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin. This new trailer took an in-depth look at the story and setting of the sequel, which is set to launch on Nintendo Switch on July 9. A demo will be available from June 25, with demo progress transferrable to the full game.

When it comes to post-launch content, Capcom announced that there will be free updates to the game, the first of which will be the addition of Palamute from Monster Hunter Rise as a Monstie on July 15.

Speaking of Monster Hunter Rise, Capcom laid out a roadmap for content coming throughout Summer 2021. First up, on June 18, will be a collaboration with Monster Hunter Stories 2 with themed armours and quest rewards. The Rise 3.1 Update will go live on June 24 with even more new event quests and the ability to turn your Owl buddy into an adorable baby penguin.

As for July and August, they will see the launch of Capcom Collabs with new paid DLC, event quests and rewards for players to earn and enjoy.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

Last up on the game front was The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, coming to PlayStation 4, Steam and Nintendo Switch on July 27.

A new story trailer gave players a look at their setting – Victorian London – and the protagonist, Ryunosuke Naruhodo. Playing as this ancestor of Phoenix Wright, players must use their skills of deduction and reasoning along with their intuition to solve each case and defend their clients in the courtroom, with a little help along the way from judicial assistant Susato Mikotoba and private detective Herlock Sholmes.

There was also a look at two new gameplay features: Dance of Deduction and Summation Examination. As the name suggests, Dance of Deduction is a back and forth between Ryunosuke, Susato and Sholmes where Sholmes runs through a series of deductions about a crime scene or suspect before being challenged by Ryunisuke and Susato, creating a metaphorical dance to the truth.

Summation Examination will see players go through the jurors’ statements with the aim of finding conflicting information to call them out on. This will allow players to maybe change the mind of the jurors regarding the case to help sway the scales of justice in your favour.

Closing out the show was an update about the Capcom Pro Tour from commentators and host Vicious and RobTV. Featuring the best Street Fighter V players from around the world, the next stage of the tournaments is coming soon to streaming and VOD platforms for eSports fans to catch all the action from every round of the tour.

With the Intel Tour, exhibition matches, and the No Neutral show bring interviews, insight, and previews of all the action from across Capcom Fighters, both players and fans will have something to enjoy from the world of combat eSports.

Watch the presentation in full below.

Words by Megan Roxburgh

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