EP Review: A Spin Around the Sun // Glass Caves


From busking on the street of York to quickly rising through the ranks of the British independent music scene, it is fair to say that Glass Caves can be considered one of the hottest bands in the UK. This rise through the ranks has led to the highly anticipated five-track EP, A Spin Around the Sun.

2020 has not been a pleasant year for a lot of us, especially those within the arts as their artforms have been limited and they haven’t had the pleasure of an audience in a very long time. But for Glass Caves, they took this time to create something bigger and better than before, with a stripped back sound and a unique new venture with their latest EP.

Singer Matt Hallas perfectly summed up this experience, saying: “A Spin Around The Sun is an overview of the life experiences we’ve been thrown into throughout the past year. It represents the broad range of emotions experienced during transition, whether it be loss, fear or excitement. This past year has been a rollercoaster.”

This all follows from the band’s decision for Hallas and drummer Elliott Fletcher take the band on full-time as a duo, with the other band members coming in for live shows and events. This new opportunity allows the band to experiment as Matt explained: “This EP has been the first time Elliott and I have really been able to write music by ourselves, so we’ve taken that opportunity to explore areas we wouldn’t have otherwise explored.”

A Spin Around the Sun takes the band to a new level as this production is much more polished than their previous efforts, each song could easily stand alone. The release opens with a great subdued track, ‘Eye to Eye’, in which mellow guitar tones and slow build acts in its favour. Overall it’s a fantastic intro to the new era of Glass Caves and one which sets the tone for the rest of the EP.

However, it’s the latest release ‘Who Are You’ which is the standout. This is a classic track from Glass Caves, who bring up their upbeat and passionate attitude all the way through. 

Overall A Spin Around the Sun is a fantastic EP which brings in a brand new era for Glass Caves. No longer just an example of where busking can get you, Glass Caves are proving themselves as talented individuals with an ability to produce excellent tracks. 

Words by Paul Dawson

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