EP Review: Acting My Age // The Academic

Adding to the stellar discography that Irish indie rockers The Academic have compiled, the upcoming EP Acting My Age is set to be another hit.

With some outstanding tracks in ‘Anything Could Happen’, and the titular ‘Acting My Age’, they’ve got some soon to be set-list favourites, accompanied with some strong additions in ‘Happy Hour’ and ‘Unspoken’.

You can check out our track review for ‘Acting My Age’ here.

One of the stand out tracks on this album would be ‘Anything Could Happen’. Having released the song early on during quarantine, it was a sweet release from the dullness of lock-down.

Their disco-inspired tones, coupled with jumpy and passionate lyrics, makes for a guaranteed banger. The vibe to the track is matched by the band’s attire, with their lock-down locks bringing a modern revamp on an 80s style which heavily inspired the tune. The parallel with Talking Heads is particularly strong in this song.

The indie-disco rhetoric for this EP may be due to the influence of Nick Hodgson, the former Kaiser Chiefs drummer, who aided the band with a producer role on this EP.

Working with Nick is great, not least because of his indie-disco heritage, a sound that’s had a lasting impact on our childhoods, but he’s one of the few guys that, when we get in a room with him, everything just flows naturally

Craig Fitzgerald

This laidback nature is also responsible for some of the more mellow vibes present in the track ‘Unspoken’, which features a slow yet pounding drum beat with a guitar sound akin to that of The 1975. The ethereal introduction, which crescendos into a powerful chorus, makes for a pop/indie hit. The track ‘Sunroof’ is equally vibrant – unsurprisingly, it’s the kind of track that makes you want to take your sunroof off, stick on the radio and drive.

I’d also like to highlight ‘Happy Hour’, which I think provides a slightly distorted tone to their otherwise bright melodies. Fans of Tales From The Backseat will see this as an evolution from their previous sound, developing darker arrangements which make for a more varied EP. It’s an interesting glimpse into a heavier style which we may see more of in the future. It’s still inherently indie, but with a dash of distortion which makes for a great listen.

Whilst fans of The Academic will be pleased with this recent project, new fans will also welcome their pop-disco aura with open arms. From a local battle of the bands in the Irish countryside, to touring around the US, the graft and tenacity is second to none. This EP is the product of their craft and a watershed moment in a career where, if they work hard, Anything Could Happen.

Words by Thomas Moorcroft


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