EP Review: Blown Rose // Blossoms

One word springs to mind after listening to all of Blossoms’ music releases back to back: groovy. It’s like they’re bringing the 60’s back to 2015, except with a modern spin that’s tangible and satisfying. Their latest EP release, Blown Rose, is a collection of four songs that shimmer with uniqueness; there’s not really any band out there at the moment that is doing quite what this band are doing.

Opening track ‘Blown Rose’, the song after which the EP takes its title, is an infectious and melodic trip, one that’s steeped in psychedelic vibes that the band will become known for. This is due to the inventive use of keys, courtesy of keyboardist Myles Kellock. Despite sounding slightly too karaoke and a little bit like an embarrassing 70’s track that is hidden away deep in the realm of your grandparents’ record collection, this song is far too catchy and convincing to be deemed bad – only a really boring person would claim that this is a rubbish song. A bit too nostalgic, granted, but it’s still the sort of song that makes you want to go and drink one too many ciders whilst laying out in the sun for just a little too long.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nysHXGCracM]

Next up is the ethereal ‘Madeleine’. The Doors and Sgt. Pepper era Beatles are heavy influences on this track. Think the whole ‘summer of love’ scene – warm summer days spent watching live music out in a field with that certain someone who makes you feel tingly all over. This one track alone is enough to make you want to grow your hair out, and it’ll make you believe that a 60’s restoration is definitely the best idea ever. Before you know it, you’ll be rifling through your grandparents closet in the hope you’ll find those vintage flares.

The best track on the whole EP though is, without a doubt, the spine-tingling ‘Smoke’. It smolders with sexual innuendos, and, to put it bluntly, it’s sexy as hell. It jerks back and forth which resembles the same feeling of uncertainty that accompanies the sensation of pursuing lust. It’s presented with crystal cut conviction, and the track thrashes and pulsates to deliver a satisfactory ending.

EP closer ‘Stormy’ is a song that’s drenched in acoustic loveliness. It literally feels like you’re being serenaded by frontman Tom Ogden himself, which is enough to make any girl melt from within. Despite the subject matter being centered on a doomed love affair (“it’s a stormy love with you”), it’s still a charming song that’s a good choice to act as the soundtrack to when you do actually fall in love yourself.

Blossoms are touring the UK in October and you can buy tickets here. In the meantime, give them a like on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.

Words by Emmie Morris


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