EP Review: Charlemagne // Blossoms


Arguably the buzz band of 2015, Stockport five-piece Blossoms just go from strength to strength. Debut EP Blown Rose came out in July and stirred up quite a buzz ahead of their autumn tour. They then went on to sell-out dates all around the UK. The next move of the ever evolving band promised to be the final pit-stop ahead of their debut record and it’s some final pit-stop let me tell you. Ladies and gentlemen, Blossoms – Charlemagne. 

Kicking off with the track that shares it’s name with the EP ‘Charlemagne’ the one we’ve all heard before, as it was released during the autumn tour and has been blasted through the rooftops of venues up and down the country time and time again over the last few months. The track blends 80s synth-pop with undeniable grooves, making it a full-time foot-stomper that boasts plenty of raspy vocal grit from frontman Tom Ogden. Already a well-loved hit, it’s a live set shoe-in and solidly familiar way to start a new voyage.

Now, onto the new stuff. These next three you almost certainly haven’t heard before (maybe one if you’re really lucky or a bad stalker.) These three tracks see the band stretching their creative wings in any direction but safe. It’s fresh, clean-cut, anthem territory. ‘Across The Moor’ kicks off the newbies and is a right ear-worm. 90s synth-grooves, funky bass and sassy vocal captivation from Ogden like never before.

‘Polka Dot Blues’ is full of life from the get go. Building synth and drum rhythm that’s constantly screaming James Bond opening credits, a vocal attitude and swagger reminiscent of Humbug era Alex Turner amongst filthy bass and intense guitar bursts. It’s a truly trend-setting style icon this one.

We end with ‘For Evelyn’ – Charlemagne’s Stormy. Soft and heartfelt, a beautifully honest key-led ballad. If the late great John Lennon was still with us he’d be tearing his hair out listening to this, wishing he’d wrote it. I simply can’t give it a bigger compliment.

This EP is the most charismatic, diverse release from this quintet yet and it just adds to the excitement for both the 2016 headline tour and debut record. Bring it on.

Blossoms Charlemagne EP is out now on Virgin EMI and is available to buy on iTunes here.

Words Jake Marley


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