EP Review: Daydream’s Past // Sourface


As Daydream’s Past suggests, Sourface are a band looking retrospectively – but their music is far from outdated. The band are influenced by many genres, from indie and jazz, to bossa nova – a style of samba music originating in Brazil in the 50s and 60s. With their nostalgia-soaked tracks, Sourface are about as eccentric and brilliant as they come. 

Sourface’s eclectic nature is summarised best by their origin story, first playing together at a fake wedding on pots and pans. No, really, it’s true. After forming as a ‘proper’ band, they recorded their debut EP Daydream’s Past in 2020 – at band member Matt Isles’ home in the West of England. Keeping with the theme of unconventionality, they set up a home studio with friend and sound engineer Scott Ellis. They recorded in bedrooms, cupboards and even toilets. Refusing to let even a global pandemic and enforced closure of the music industry get in their way, the band threw themselves into every socially distanced gig opportunity they could get their hands on, in both Paris and London, before the lockdown was reintroduced yet again.

Now Sourface’s focus is on promoting their frankly incredible introductory EP. “The EP tells the [our] story of four friends living together in the city seeking out ways of escape, be that in physical or imaginary form.” The Anglo-French four-piece alternate between English and French lyrics, slipping in and out of genres seamlessly throughout the five-track record. 

Starting with twanging guitars which instantly set a beachy, summery scene, ‘Sweet Dreams Suburbia’ is set to be a real crowd pleaser. Harmonising hums and scatting introduce the infectious melody and poetic lyrics about escaping suburbia, instantly having the listener sighing nostalgically as they bop their head along to the upbeat instrumental.  

‘Entre Inconnus’ (meaning “between unknowns” in French) is all the more upbeat and funkier with jazzy guitars and quick French spoken-word. Sourface manage to squeeze in an incredible display of each musician’s talent, featuring wicked keyboards and shredding guitars in between the verses all held together by a slick drumbeat. 

Keeping the EP fresh through its many twists and turns, ‘21st Century Man’ and ‘Déjà La Vielle’ are overall gentler songs than the previous tracks. Synthy undercurrents and funky sweet guitars instil balmy summer vibes under the lighter sounding vocals from singer Ludo Aslangul. Daydream’s Past closes with the indie tune ‘To the Woods’, a super fun track with yips and yaps of vocals scattered throughout, it sounds peculiar, but it just works.

With an exciting debut EP under their belts, Sourface are a band who are certainly following their own path, and we’ll be following them all the way. 

Words by Ella McLaren

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