EP Review: Fake Tan and Desperation // Kong

Kong’s EP Fake Tan and Desperation is a cracker from start to finish.

The name of the EP alone screams “Arctic Monkeys”. Much like the early material from NME’s favourite band, Sansom’s aggressive beat and Dawson’s unrelenting hooks in the title track carefully combine to epitomise the bravado of drunken lads out on the town (‘Red Light Indicates Doors Are Secured’, anyone?). However, when coupled with Conor Lindsey’s drawling vocal the track is far more is evocative of The King Blues and Jamie T than Sheffield’s own Alex Turner. Sloppy without being lazy, the EP is homage to being a teenager in this day and age; nights out “down West Street, out and about”, where you end up getting taken home by your friend cause you’ve had one too many. It’s brilliant, because we’ve all been there.

There’s a sense of urgency throughout the record, but ‘Fight Me’ is a particularly melodramatic entity. The chorus ““If you’ve got fight / if you’ve got fight / if you’ve got fight / oh bring it on down tonight” is a ready-made crowd pleaser, and if you’re of a nervous disposition we highly recommend you steer clear of the guaranteed mosh pits at Kong’s gigs.

‘House of Horrors’ builds on the fervour of ‘Fight Me’, with Lindsey’s spoken drawl bound to invite widespread chaos at any venue the Kong lads invade. Their energy is infectious and it’s impossible to sit still whilst listening to it; just skip this one if it comes on shuffle whilst you’re on public transport. Unless, of course, you want to look like a bit of a pillock, head banging as you sit on the 120 outside Hallamshire Hospital.

There’s something Kaiser Chief-esque about the EP closer ‘What People Say Next’, and I can safely say ‘I Predict A Riot’ at the band’s EP launch at Plug on the 14th March.

Words by Beth Kirkbride

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