EP Review: God Alone (Self-Titled)

God Alone, from Cork, Ireland, have a range of influences stemming from black metal to indie rock. Widely praised by the likes of Overblown, they released their self-titled EP in November.

The themes on the EP include depression and insomnia, but the music is both fast-paced and upbeat in equal measure. The song titles show that the band doesn’t take themselves too seriously, with titles such as ‘Madting’ and ‘Yes Aii’, easing the listener in to their brutal sound.  

The EP incorporates shades of Deafheaven, especially on the last track, ‘Yes Aii’. The calming riffs blend very well with the crushing screams. The track transitions into a math rock section, which is an unexpected twist.

Every track is different, for example, the opener ‘Feeding on Tic’ is a lot heavier. It combines fast black metal guitars with harsh drums, leading to a colossal conclusion.

Each song is very unique and has its own character. It’s an ambitious EP, but one that is delivered with plenty of emotion and integrity. The band uses all their influences to great effect, resulting in a captivating listen.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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