EP Review: Hellucination // Betty Moon

Betty Moon is a unique force. Her music incorporates a wide range of influences including electro-pop, rock, and soul. On her new EP Hellucination, she allows these sounds to manifest into a driving passionate listen.

The EP opens with ‘Save My Soul.’ It is a strong combination of an infectious synth melody and a driving piano. Betty’s vocals are a dominating presence, and you can hear the passion they inflict on the track. ‘Dirty Love’ is smooth, with its rumbling bassline stealing the show. The vocals are layered with overdubs, but they don’t take anything away from Betty’s powerful voice. The lyrics match the slow vibe as Betty sings: “Every time our eyes meet, I can feel your heartbeat / Electricity taking over me.”

On fourth track ‘Get Your Gun’, Betty has gone for an upbeat rockier number. Both guitar and synth are full of distortion as it sounds like an 80s cop drama. Betty’s voice breaks into a falsetto in the bridge, which shows her diversity. The chorus of “Run run run run / Get your gun” is very catchy, showing that her songwriting is very strong.

The EP ends with a cover of Mansionair’s ‘Violet City’, which builds on the original song’s relaxing atmosphere. The instrumentation is sparse and compliments Betty’s voice very well. The final track is ‘Crazy’, which is a fun summery electropop smash. The auto-tuned distortion on Betty’s vocals is a beautiful bit of experimentation. It captures the essence of the EP very nicely. Betty Moon is not afraid to stick to one genre, and ‘Hellucination’ is a welcoming introduction to her sound and personality.

 Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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