EP Review: how will i rest in peace if i’m buried by a highway? // KennyHoopla


KennyHoopla has come bursting into this fragmented world with intense open eyes and a gaping heart with debut EP how will i rest in peace if i’m buried by a highway? //.

Kenny La’ron is an Alternative and Indie LA-based artist born in Cleveland. After his first single ‘Waves//’ released in 2017, he has created a unique intoxicating sound, persona and voice that urges for you to listen to him.

‘thinkingoutloud//’ introduces the EP, beginning as an instrumental. No lyrics. Just blurred out dialogue that divulges us into the heavy thoughts behind the track. This gracefully builds into an exhilarating low-key drum and bass beat with synthetic snippets, accompanied by honest and frank lyrics.

The title track is a pure blaze of hyperactivity. His fresh voice portrays the emotion running through his veins. This song brings back early 2000s emo/punk rock sounds with irrational and inebriated thoughts: “Culture is so claustrophobic / Claws to prove it hurts so good.”

Each track is different in its own right; KennyHoopla isn’t trying to sound like anyone else, either. His introverted attitude, especially in the track, ‘dust//’ questions his tendency to overthink his own every movement and thought: “And this anxiety / It creeps into my home / This is really all my fault / Is this really all my fault though?”

The final track on the EP ‘the world is flat and this is the edge//’ embodies the controversial ‘flat earth’ theory. Full of emo-pop lyrics, Kenny spreads a sense of urgency reminding you to live life in the moment, dream everyday and believe in the idea of fate.

KennyHoopla is one of the most electrifying, upcoming artists that is destined for huge success. He is more than an artist. He encapsulates the vast dark depths of his tangled and torturous thoughts in the present moment with experimental sounds like no other.

Words by Chloe Martin


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