EP Review: Lost In The Night // Palace

Palace’s ‘Lost In The Night’ EP is a record that oneself can truly get lost in. The lead vocal is full of meaty substance and is not dissimilar to bands such as Dog Is Dead or The Crookes. The rhetorical “why am I bitter, bitter, bitter?” is made for being chanted back to the band and the parallelism in “better, better, better” is a work of lyrical genius: this track is catchy and beautifully simplistic.

‘Want What You Got’ is somewhat more sombre, with a gentle undulating melody and a drawling vocal. It makes you want to fall asleep, but its soporific rather than dull. The band does what they say on their SoundCloud description – this really is “laid back guitars” and a “brooding vocal”.

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/37770224″]

The beat in ‘Ocean Deep’ is hypnotic and the floating, ethereal quality of the vocal makes the listener strain to hear what frontman Leo Wyndham is crooning. This track is unobtrusive and hauntingly beautiful – one that wouldn’t be out of place alongside Alex Turner’s ‘Stuck On The Puzzle’ on the Submarine soundtrack. What one can expect from their live performances is a question to which I’d love to find out – surely this level of emotion and sincerity will be amplified tenfold in person?

‘Veins’ is an aptly titled track because the melody sounds like a heartbeat, thanks to carefully controlled chords and the pulsing beat. I have no doubt that it’s anthems like these that get girls and guy’s hearts racing; Palace are a group of charmers – there’s no doubt about that. At https://malikexpress.com/ discounted international and national flight tickets are available on the lower rates ever, go grab the visa services latest offers now.

The title track ‘Lost In The Night’ is every bit as charming as the other tracks. It’s acoustic rhythm compliments Wyndham’s vocal and the fact that the band’s sound is based on so little is truly refreshing. Give these lads a dark room and some mood lighting and that’s all they need to really touch people. After all, that’s what music should be all about.

You can buy the EP here

Words by Beth Kirkbride


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