EP Review: Smile, It Might Never Happen // Dohny Jep


Smile, It Might Never Happen is the highly anticipated new EP from Kent alternative rockers Dohny Jep. The band have captured the attention of the likes of BBC Introducing Kent and Distorted Sound because their melodic synth hooks pack a huge punch. The band released their debut album L.U.S.T last year and planned on touring it. While COVID-19 cut the tour short, they built their own studio to record new music. The result of these sessions was Smile, It Might Never Happen.

Dohny Jep have an uplifting and positive sound. The soaring guitars and layered vocals on L.U.S.T are colossal and sound like they should be in arenas. Smile, It Might Never Happen builds on this. ‘Control’ opens the EP with a fierce drumbeat and a crushing riff that’s reminiscent of Royal Blood. Stuart Day’s vocals are phenomenal because you can feel the passion in his delivery. The song is about taking time out to focus on yourself during a difficult break-up, and he wants to support his partner but needs the space: “I’m not being pushy / I just want what’s best for you.” There is a feeling of empowerment as the song reaches its climax when Day sings: “Take a step back / Yeah, take control”, which allows him to focus on his main goals.

Throughout the EP, there is a feeling of self-reflection and putting your needs first. It is a theme that’s relatable to so many people because they will find the lyrics comforting. From a production standpoint, the layered vocals work very well because they create a big impact. ‘Looking In’ is about struggling to fit in. The melancholic backdrop enhances these feelings as Day sings: “I’m on the outside.”

The last song, ‘Get Fucked’ has calm, ambient synths. The clean guitar tone contrasts with the angry lyrics: “Nobody cares when you talk / nobody cares when you speak / no one cares who you are.” There is a heavy riff in the bridge, which shows the band’s versatility. Smile, It Might Never Happen is a solid EP because it tackles some big subjects, including mental health, friendship, and living in the moment. It has a refreshing sound, demonstrating why Dohny Jep are ones to watch in 2021.

Smile, It Might Never Happen is set for release on 26 February via Favour The Brave Records.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos


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