EP Review: Soft Pink // Kate Epps


Kate Epps is a singer-songwriter from London who writes ‘self conscious pop songs’. Influenced by a variety of artists including Kathleen Hanna and PJ Harvey, she started playing open-mic nights around London, earning a steady fanbase. She released the Soft Pink EP last October, a heartfelt collection of bedroom demos about growing up.

‘Smile’ is a lovely opener, the minor chord progression pulling the listener into the track. Epps has a soothing melancholic voice and the lyrics are simple yet beautiful: “Take me down / take me out / I wanna know what you’re all about.” The overlapping piano compliments this perfectly.

‘Fire and Ice’ consists of Epps and a piano. It has lusciously raw production and the listener can tell her voice is full of emotion. The track could be about a relationship gone wrong, Epps using metaphors to describe it deteriorating: “I play with flames and I lose again / You’re like a race I could never win.”

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‘Prom Queen Ballad’ once again shows Epps using a race metaphor to outline her competitiveness, stating that she wants to “win and be the best.” The reverb on the vocals works well, helping to bring out the atmosphere. Epps then begins to question this competitiveness as she sings “Are you happy? Was it all that it seemed?” The lyrics are relatable and demonstrate her potential.

‘Fragile’, the final track, is the strongest indication of Epps’ songwriting skills. It is a song about anxiety; the slow tempo matching the frustrated lyrics: “I was looking for a reason / All you could give me was a season of love.” The track rounds off the EP beautifully and enhances her introspective side. If Kate Epps can build on the Soft Pink EP through writing more honest, relatable songs, we can expect big things from her in the future.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos


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