EP Review: Unappealing // Treehouse

Treehouse are a three-piece hailing from Slough, London and Southampton. The band consists of Max Whitby (guitar), Billy Young (drums/vocals), and Dominic James (bass/vocals). They’ll release their highly anticipated second EP Unappealing in July, following from their raw debut EP, Thanks For Everything / Thanks For Nothing.

In contrast, Unappealing is bigger and more powerful. On lead single ‘Nurture’, the guitars are a huge wall of sound. The pounding drums drive the track forward, especially on the huge chorus. ‘Nurture’ offers a taste of what’s to come because it breezes by in a minute and a half.

‘Purple’ is a personal track with lyrics about mental health: “I’ll barricade my words behind my teeth / never to escape, I won’t let them see.” You can feel the fragility in the vocals as they work well with the distorted minor chords.

They capture dark themes including mental health and desperation and combine it with raging post-hardcore. If Unappealing is anything to go by, Treehouse are more versatile than ever before.

You can preorder the EP on Bandcamp and follow the band on Spotify.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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