EP Review: Unhappy Days (The Twilight Sad Remix) // The Ninth Wave

The Scottish music scene is on a hot streak at the moment, with cities across the nation churning out remarkable talents from a range of styles and genres. One such group contributing to the upturn in Scottish music is The Ninth Wave.

Quickly becoming the face for gothic post-punk in Glasgow, their recent release Happy Days proves how talented they are. As a six-track EP, it ranges from having upbeat and distinct indie anthems, to disturbing and surreal romantic heartbreakers. The critically acclaimed work has allowed the band to expand their sound, without being penned into a singular genre.

However, The Ninth Wave aren’t exactly known for being restful, as seen with their release of the subsequent EP: Unhappy Days. This collection tackles a series of remixes from a variety of artists, including: The Twilight Sad, Scottish megastar Mogwai, Yorkshire’s own Working Men’s Club, Low Spirits, and Dream Wife’s. Each artist’s take on the songs are unique and interesting, recreating these tunes with their own spin, adding different layers and dimensions.

The opening track ‘Unhappy Days’, remixed by The Twilight Sad, is an excellent counterpart to the aforementioned ‘Happy Days’, expanding the structure and twisting it to create an entrancing synth techno beat.

However, a standout track is Mogwai’s remix of ‘I’m Only Going to Hurt You’. The Scottish megastar transforms the already fantastic song into something weirdly alluring. Using the somber vocal efforts of Hayden Park-Patterson alongside an upbeat buzz, to create a song which is something entirely unusual, and a great counterpart to the original.

Overall, The Ninth Wave have only boosted their credibility with this latest EP, as allowing another artist creative freedom with your track takes great bravery and trust. The band have formed a collection of truly unique tracks alongside some of the best up-and-coming UK talent to date.

Words by Paul Dawson.


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