EP Review : Unnecessary Creation // The Early Mornings


Born in the independent music capital of the UK, Manchester, The Early Mornings is a three-piece rock band that has exploded onto the scene after forming in 2018. After a collection of home releases and gigging across the country, the band finally released debut EP Unnecessary Creation on 18 June. 

Consisting of lead vocalist Annie Leader, drummer Rhys Davies, and bassist Danny Shannon, the trio has garnered significant praise for their wide array of releases, which show their duality of love for both pop melodies and angular guitars. Their music is representative of their passion for poetry and storytelling; each of their tracks tells vivid and descriptive tales backed up by old-school indie guitar beats, infused with a pop-punk attitude. 

Unnecessary Creation—named after a poem by bassist Danny Shannon—is an excellent debut EP for a band that isn’t trying to fit the mold. It will certainly not disappoint the band’s loyal fanbase. Recorded in just one day in the ballroom of an old house that has been converted into a studio, the six-track EP comes in at a quick and tidy 15 minutes and 17 seconds, with each and every track highlighting the band’s unique musical abilities and taste. The EP will also keep you on your toes, never failing to have a dull moment as it jumps from one-minute instrumentals to melodic pop and jagged post-punk. 

For a debut endeavor, the band has created a collection of tunes that have stellar production; the EP jumps from more pop-based songs such as ‘Not Content’ to heavier post-punk-infused tracks such as ‘Tell Me It Works’ and ‘Days Spent’ all with relative ease. Their ability to showcase their wide array of musical abilities is truly astounding and is one of the key reasons why this EP is such a great listen. 

The EP’s standout track is without a doubt ‘Blank Sky’. Released earlier in 2021, the band’s first track of the year is an excellent track that just works. The song is a perfect balance of the band’s varying features, from the slow yet strong vocals from Annie Leader to the classic indie rock beat and sparking drum and guitar melodies. ‘Blank Sky’ is a song which will define The Early Mornings.

Overall, Unnecessary Creation is a fantastic EP that will hopefully bring in a brand new era of exposure for The Early Mornings. This definitely won’t be the last time you hear of this fantastic band.  

Words by Paul Dawson

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