Epic Games vs Apple Case Reveals Epic Games Offered PlayStation $200 Million for Exclusives


The trial of Epic Games vs Apple is in full swing with the latest court hearing stating that Epic Games offered Sony $200 million for first-party PlayStation exclusives.

This comes after Fortnite, Epic Games most popular game, was pulled from the Apple Store due to Fortnite’s breach of developer contract. Apple has stated that Fortnite intentionally violated the agreement of the payment system of a 30% fee by bypassing the Apple Store for in-game purchases. Epic has countered this by arguing that Apple has a monopoly and are “anti-competitive”.

The court filings have revealed many industry discussions with Microsoft, Nintendo and PlayStation, with the latest reveal being the offer of $200 million for Epic Games to have first-party PlayStation games exclusively on the Epic Games store.

The document states that the deal included “$200M MG+ for 4-6 titles” MG has been suggested to stand for “minimum guarantee” a term Epic has used in many deals. It suggests the minimum revenue guarantee for games exclusively purchased through their store.

Other documents also revealed the deal Epic Games had with 2K Games for Borderlands 3 for $146 million for exclusivity on PC through the Epic games store. The document also states that the Epic Games store made back $109.2 million within the first two weeks of sales, with their player base growing by 750,000.

The trial is still ongoing with more details being revealed. 

Words By Ugbad Elmi

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