The University Application Process Explained: What to Expect

4. If you can’t remember your GCSE results and your landline number, it’s time to find out.

Once you have a general idea of what it is that you want to study at university, you can begin your application process on UCAS. You can sign up and send off your application from September. In terms of deadlines, if you wish to study medicine, veterinary science or dentistry at any university, or have applied for any course at Oxford or Cambridge, you will need to send off your application before the 15th October. The deadline for the majority of other courses is the 15th January. Some art and design courses require applications by the 24th March, but you will have to check which specific courses allow this. Your school will most likely set their own deadlines to avoid the inevitable panic on deadline day, which you will be informed of if you do not already know.

In your application you will be asked your general information – name, date of birth, address, contact number, religion, nationality – and also the qualifications you have. Your university choices will have to be entered – it costs £12 to apply for one university or £23 to apply for up to five. At the end of your application, you will enter your personal statement, which is so important / stressful / nerve-wracking that it requires a new point…

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