Fall Fashion Forecasting: the 1970s

While trends from the past decades have been making appearances in more recent lines, one of the major themes this fall is the rebirth of the 1970s. I’m not suggesting you dig out your mother’s old bellbottom jeans (in fact, please don’t), but it could be beneficial to source her old pictures from the 70s and look for a more modern take on her high school favorites.

High waisted shorts with a tucked in blouse places emphasis on the hips
High waisted shorts with a tucked in blouse place emphasis on the hips

When looking for fall clothes, focus on the waist. High waists are your friends: not only are they form flattering, but also a fall “must have”. Look for belts that sit on the waist, not the hips. They are good for adding a silhouette to pieces that tend to hide your figure. Thick belts are better for plain pieces, like a solid colored frock, and the skinny belts are better for busy or patterned pieces. Babydoll dresses are also making a huge comeback this season, and layers are key. Pair your dresses with tights and a sweater or a cropped jacket. Whenever looking at something cropped, whether it be a t-shirt or a jacket, the hem should always hit your waist. Again, remember the waist this fall.

Summer 2015 saw the prevalence of the high-waisted bikini
Summer 2015 saw the prevalence of the high-waisted bikini

As far as colors go, Marsala is Pantone’s “Color of the Year”, so it will still be prevalent in the fall. It is no surprise that the major colors of the fall are neutrals. However, be sure to look for light and soft neutrals. There is also the pastel effect carried over from spring and summer trends, although it is slightly drowned out by the teal and navy colors that are usually left to summertime clothes. The overall themes of the 70s inspired colors is a sense of military aesthetic and of masculinity.

Words by Casey McGourty

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