The Indiependent’s Favourite Albums of 2015


2015 was a music filled year, with fond favourites stunning us with brand new material, alongside brand new artists taking the music scene by storm. But which albums did we like best?

Sound and Color // Alabama Shakes

After their highly successful debut album Boys & Girls it would have been easy for the Alabama Shakes to follow the same recipe for their sophomore album Sound & Color. However, the music that arose from the Deep South this time around was an altogether deeper, more complex and more thrilling flavour than anyone could have expected.

The album opens with the title track, ‘Sound & Color’, which provides us with a quiet but dreamy opening to an album that promises to crash into life. Indeed the first single from the album, ‘Don’t Wanna Fight’, brings a feisty and passionate rant from lead singer Brittany Howard, one never before heard in the debut album. The heart of the album however comes from track nine, ‘Shoegaze’, a song that, whilst never reaching a full crescendo, somehow feels like a gathering of all the band’s work to date; beautiful vocals, thick bass lines and true southern soul.

Words by Daniel Parker



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