The Indiependent’s Favourite Authors


Everyone has a favourite author. Whether an avid, lackadaisical or infrequent reader, everyone has that one person that sparks their interest; whose writing style is so befitting to them that they are drawn in and, ultimately, consumed by adoration for their writer and the beautiful plots and stories that they create. This list will be a personal exploration into the literary loves of our writers. So, sit back, relax and let us inspire you.

Agatha Christie 


If anyone were to look at my bookshelf, it would be dominated by the various novels of Christie. Granted, she is not one of the ‘trendy’ new authors of the 20th century and she writes for one of the hardest literary genres – crime. However, for some unknown reason, when I first picked up her debut novel, I struck an unbreakable bond with her, that has lasted to this day.

As with anything, it’s hard to pinpoint the exact cause of my love for Christie and her remarkable works of fiction but, nevertheless, we shall endeavour to find out.

As a self-proclaimed history ‘geek’ (for lack of a better word), I became a little fanatical about the early 20th century. Namely, the 1920s. Although her books are set throughout the century, Christie captured the essence and the decadence of the social era so perfectly that one feels part of it. Her writing style was so deliberate in its conception as, even though she was highly descriptive and specific in her observations, she only revealed the true plot at the end of the novel. I have often had to re-read her works in order to follow the plot from her perspective – a sign of great skill for crime writers.

It is not just her mind-boggling novels which endure my love for Christie; her life was just as mysterious and exciting as the stories laid out in her books. She was born towards the end of 19th century, got married twice, disappeared for 11 days without an explanation and travelled the world with her husband, who was 14 years her junior. It’s easy to see where she got her inspiration from, and this really adds an authentic edge to the stories she told.

As both a writer and an individual, I have a real affinity with Agatha Christie. She not only overcame overwhelming barriers placed upon her as a woman in the early 20th century, but she also created a legacy of eloquent and enrapturing literature that continues to inspire many (and me) to this day.

Words by Joe Lewin 



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