Film News: Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci to star in romantic drama ‘Supernova’

supernova film review

Filming has just wrapped on an upcoming romantic drama film titled Supernova, starring none other than international treasures Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci.

Filmed against the stunning scenery of the Lake District, the emotional-sounding storyline is set to follow long-term couple Sam (Firth) and Tusker (Tucci) as they travel across England in their old RV visiting friends, family and places from their past, with Tusker having been diagnosed with early-onset dementia. 

Supernova is the second feature film from director Harry Macqueen, who previously impressed audiences with 2015’s Hinterland, which he also starred in. Distributors across the globe reportedly clamoured to secure the rights to Supernova, thanks in part to its obvious star-power but also due to its “beautiful, tender script,” according to UK distributor Studiocanal. 

“[Supernova] follows two people who are bound together by their love for each other but being pushed apart by the situation they find themselves in. It is an intimate, naked portrayal of a relationship facing a fissure that threatens to cut it to its very core.”

Harry Macqueen, director

Oscar-winning actor Colin Firth has previously garnered acclaim for his varied roles in The King’s Speech, A Single Man, Bridget Jones’ Diary and Mamma Mia. Stanley Tucci also has a reputation for mixing serious roles with ones with more panache, from The Lovely Bones and Spotlight to The Devil Wears Prada and The Hunger Games. The production team also boasts cinematographer Dick Pope (Peterloo, Mr. Turner), and producers Emily Morgan and Tristan Goligher.

 Many people are excited to see two beloved actors take on a touching love story together (if you didn’t already know that Stanley Tucci is the most charismatic man in the world, this podcast episode will set you to rights). However, expected criticism has emerged about the fact that the film involves two straight actors portraying gay men, which is a debate that circulates often. Back in 2010, Colin Firth – who was Oscar-nominated for his role as a gay man in A Single Man, said that he “felt complicit” in this problem, stating that  “we should all be allowed to play whoever – but I think there are still some invisible boundaries which are still uncrossable [for gay actors].” 

We have a while to wait to see what the consensus of Supernova will be, as the film has only just entered its post-production process and no release date has yet been announced.

Words by Steph Green


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