Film News: A DC Update

With the dawning of Comic Con came a new flood of news for DC’s cinematic universe, so here’s our roundup.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice


This new trailer focuses on the two protagonists of the film in the battle of, as Luthor calls it, “God vs Man”. What this adds to the previous trailer is that fans are now getting an insight into the conflicts of the film – this will not only be a battle between Superman and Batman, but a battle between faith in Superman and faith in religion, a battle between Superman and Luthor, and perhaps even a battle between Batman and The Joker. This trailer gives brief cameos to the new, young Lex Luthor as well as the greatly anticipated Wonder Woman. Although there was some worry over what role Wonder Woman will play in the conflict, she seems to be taking a dynamic and powerful approach in this trailer. There is also a small nod to The Joker, his graffiti can be seen on the Robin suit Batman has in a glass case, it’s been confirmed that Robin has already been killed in this DC Cinematic Universe at the hands of the Joker, a brave nod to ‘Death in The Family’ Batman comics.

Suicide Squad


Proving itself to be almost just as popular as the Batman V Superman trailer, Suicide Squad is building up to be one of the most anticipated superhero movies of recent years. In this trailer viewers get to meet the squad and get an understanding of the plot line, but most importantly, we got a look at Harley Quinn and The Joker. The trailer is directed like that of a horror film, though the squad themselves are introduced to gospel style music, really supporting the notion that DC are taking a gritty approach to this film, pointing out that the “villains” are going to be our protagonists. The brief sighting of The Joker has caused some controversy due to the new take on his look, though the old psychotic behavior is still clearly going to be included as seen in his one line featured. Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn however has proved instantly popular with fans due to her playful but powerful attitude and classic appearance. The film is due to be released in August next year, so further trailers are most likely on the way.

Green Lantern Corps

DC have recently announced a new film set to be released in 2020, this one focusing on Green Lantern. It is unclear whether this film will be a follow on from the 2011 film or a completely new start (the first movie was widely criticised and swept under the rug by Warner Bros). The title of this movie implies that the plot will be following Green Lantern and possibly his space-bound friends and fellow ring-bearers as opposed to being an Earth focused film, which suggests a possible Sci-Fi adventure for DC. It also has not been announced whether Green Lantern will be featuring in many other of DC’s upcoming films, though if the current trend is anything to go by, he will most likely be featured in a DC cinematic universe film before his individual debut.

Words by Charlie Ginger Jones.

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