Film News: First ‘Montage of Heck’ Trailer Released


Yesterday saw the debut of the upcoming Kurt Cobain documentary Montage of Heck, directed by Academy Award nominated director Brett Morgen. The documentary is set for a April 10 release – in the UK – but has been making it’s way around the festival circuit in recent months to critical acclaim.

It’s refreshing to see a Cobain documentary that focuses on him. Not the suspicion aroused over his suicide; with documentaries such as Kurt & Courtney or the upcoming Soaked in Bleach. It seems as though Morgen has embodied Cobain’s artistry and creativity through this documentary, especially through the use of incorporating animation to portray parts of Cobain’s life.

The trailer exudes a somewhat eerie quality which always surrounds Cobain, more so by the use of the orchestral version of ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ and the music box rendition of ‘All Apologies’. This is also the first film of Cobain that has been fully backed by his family, giving Morgen access to personal home videos and some demos that have never seen the light of day. Also, a majority of Cobain’s family are interviewed – such as his Mother and Sister – along with Nirvana bandmates Krist Novoselic (and possibly Dave Grohl).

Montage of Heck will be released on April 10 in the UK, and will have it’s world premiere on May 4, screening on HBO. It will also be accompanied by a companion book featuring other items and photographs from Cobain’s archive.


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