Film News: Screwdriver Synopsis, Poster and Teaser Revealed


In a way of reintroducing our Film News section, I thought it best to bring some news about an important short film due for release later this year entitled Screwdriver, shot by our very own former Film Editor Levi Aluede.

The film’s very first teaser can be seen here:

"A Fresh Start" 18.08.18

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The Details:

In terms of a synopsis, the information about Screwdriver reveals it to be an LGBT focused film, a vital issue in today’s society which constantly needs to be represented properly in the world of film.

The films official synopsis is as follows:  Michael moves to a new town and a new school due to bullying for being gay. He meets another boy named Joseph who he opens up to about his sexuality, Joseph likes him too, but it’s more complicated than that – because Joseph has a girlfriend. 

Screwdriver is being written and directed by Dylan Mascis and Natalya Micic. Dylan is a photographer and filmmaker, who’s past work includes Sandals, which can be viewed here: Natalya is a young actress and strong believer in women’s rights. Michael is being played by Kent Ibe, an actor of Nigerian descent, further elevating the filmmakers’ push for diversity. The representation in this film immediately piques interest, addressing a truly crucial issue that the film looks to tackle properly in its attempts to be inclusive and produce the most representative film possible, a real talking point that should generate buzz.

An aspect of the movie that’s brand new is that it’s shot wholly in split-screen, with two screens side by side. As cinematographer, Levi Aluede says it is just like “shooting two movies”, something that considering the relatively tender ages of the filmmakers, is certainly an impressive feat which only succeeds in building even more excitement for its August release date. Equally, the film features music from South-London rap group ALQAE, which you can listen to here:

Screwdriver is also being produced by a brand new production company called Future First. Headed by Levi and Dylan, they aim to produce short films, music videos and short art projects that focus on the LGBT community and other diverse minorities. Future First also aims to start a production and distribution company for women in film as a sister company by the end of the year, a further impressive feat from these young, ambitious filmmakers.

Finally, the film’s haunting poster has been debuted today, inspired by artist George Condo. It can be seen as the header for this article but if you want to view the full thing, go here:

This is certainly a project to be excited about for a multitude of reasons, from its brilliant representation of LGBT issues and characters to its potentially revolutionary form of cinematography. Keep your eyes peeled for more info, trailers and interviews with the filmmakers.

Words by Elliott Jones


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