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If you’ll allow us a humble brag just this once, it’s clear that The Indiependent’s film section is a breeding ground for burgeoning future creatives;This Order is the next venture of former Indiependent Film Editor Levi Eddie Aluede and Dylan Mascis. Previously cutting their directorial teeth with Screwdriver (2018) and Ingénue (2019), which collectively made it to seven international film festivals, the duo has strong collaborative experience behind them, including co-founding the production studio Future First. Alongside Aluede, the script has been penned by our very own Film Editor Elliott Jones in his screenwriting debut. After previously tackling the struggles faced by LGBT youth and the niche genre of metaphorical horror-comedy, This Order is poised to be Future Film’s biggest film yet, and the teaser has just been launched before shooting begins in the summer.


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A psychological horror based around themes of mental health, This Order’s plot has been described in one simple and tantalizing sentence: “Left alone and embarking on a new piece, a painter slowly descends into the void.” The short is also set to feature lots of weird and wonderful creatures, including one called Thomas.

Set to the ominous buzzing of a razor, in this teaser we see the painter, played by Mascis himself, having his head buzzed as we see a hint of something threatening in the darkened doorway. Another character enters the kitchen and whispers something inaudible into his ear, before the painter discovers a suspicious, unknown sticky black liquid on the kitchen floor. The teaser ends cryptically, as the shot dissolves into darkly-lit shot of a faintly-visible Mascis wearing face paint.

As with all new burgeoning creative processes, the talented crew are in need of funds to realise their project and have launched a funding campaign. Help them reach their target over at for the chance to get some incredible perks, from early access links to the film, limited editions t-shirts and producer credit.

Words by Steph Green


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