Film Review: Blue Sushi


We’ve been waiting for what feels like months on end for this, and it’s finally here. ‘Blue Sushi’ made it’s debut on social media and the response is phenomenal. Poppy Harrold, who is also on YouTube and Twitter played Scarlett Monroe, a trans man who is the lead singer of… Yep, ‘Blue Sushi’ alongside Bertie Gilbert, Andrea Valls, Shaun Cowlishaw and Khyan Mansley.

Blue Sushi is about a trans man who comes out to their band and the public, only to have their manager try to package their identity for publicity purposes. What makes this film so well crafted was undoubtedly the fact that transgender people had a say in the production of this. Earlier in the year, Bertie Gilbert was looking for a transgender person who could play the role for this film because well, why wouldn’t you have a transgender person in a transgender role am I right? But it doesn’t stop there, the script had input and was consulted by multiple transgender people so the film would be as accurate as possible.

Aside from the positive representation, Blue Sushi delivers some awesome lines and the characters are played realistically and convincingly by the cast. Scarlett Monroe feels like a real person and Poppy has portrayed the character brilliantly. Especially in a certain negative scene, the cinematography and acting brings out emotions from even the less emotional people. The score and Blue Sushi music, by Tom Barnes and Daniel Dobbs is pretty awesome too – catchy and if you listen to the lyrics, you’ll find it supports the film’s message!

Bertie Gilbert has already produced some pretty snazzy films already but Blue Sushi is definitely an example of how brilliant his work is. You can also find him on YouTube and Twitter. Please, please, please Watch Blue Sushi Here!


Words By Ashleigh Jim


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