Final Games Of Consoles Past: Edition One

Many technology products have a limited lifespan before being phased out and replaced with something brand new, and game consoles are no different. In the first edition of an all new Indiependent feature, we look at the final games released for four game systems in Europe. The consoles covered in this edition are the PlayStation One, the Nintendo 64, the PlayStation 2, and the Xbox 360.

Console One: The PlayStation One

Years of Production: 1994 – 2006, Final Game: Moorhuhn X

The year 2005 was a time that delivered so much to the gaming community. The sleek and hugely promising Xbox 360 kicked off the birth of gaming’s seventh generation. Many highly regarded software titles across the gaming spectrum were also released that year, one of which would mark a very significant moment for Sony’s original PlayStation. If you were to buy this multi-platform game for that exact console in 2020, it could potentially be on the expensive side. That game is Moorhuhn X (2003), which, in the PS1 version, appears to have only been launched in Germany.

The gameplay is basic, uncomplicated, and has players blasting some charmingly animated 3D chickens appearing on screen who come and go in all sorts of ways. 

You play as someone who is presumably tasked with eliminating them for some reason, and more success means more points. Quick reaction times as well as accuracy are necessary, as you’d expect from this shooting gallery style title.

For this game to come out when it did showed there was still some belief in utilising the first generation PlayStation. It may not be well known by some, but Moorhuhn X could be of interest due to its unique timing for arriving when it did. Similar to Angry Birds (2009), it could be said that there appears to be an appealing simplicity in the gameplay. Though, as mentioned earlier, buying this exact PS1 game may not be cheap – or easy to find. You can find a copy here.

Spotted For Sale At: £99.99 (With Free Postage)

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