Final Games Of Consoles Past: Edition Two


Many technology products have a limited lifespan before being phased out and replaced with something brand new, and game consoles are no different. In the second edition of this feature, we delve into the last ever European releases for some more well-known game systems. The consoles being focused on this time are: Nintendo GameCube, the original Xbox, the Nintendo DS, and the PlayStation 3.

Console One: The Nintendo GameCube

Years of Production: 2001 – 2007, Final Game: Ratatouille

From a time when new films were highly likely to get an accompanying tie-in videogame, Ratatouille (2007) was the GameCube’s last new multiplatform title. Based on the hit Pixar production about a rat with a passion for cooking, the game (at least for home consoles and the PC) is a reasonable looking 3D adventure.

You play as Remy and the gameplay is a mix of platforming and puzzles, with the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game being the most visually impressive. 

Why was this the GameCube’s last game? It might have been down to the console fading away when the Wii and its fellow seventh generation rivals hit the scene, which signaled the Cube’s days were numbered.

Will you like the Ratatouille game if you liked the film? Maybe. It will probably appeal most as a light hearted, family friendly entertainment activity which is probably what the developers wanted.

If you enjoy games with a rodent as the hero then Ratatouille on the GameCube (or on other platforms) is surely a must have. A (US Region) copy can be bought here.

Spotted For Sale At: £7.52 (With £10.91 Postage)



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