Five Weird TV Shows To Stream During Lockdown


During Lockdown III: The Crappening, you may find yourself bored and in need of some light entertainment to distract you from the heavy burden of ‘these unprecedented times’ – something to guide you towards the light at the end of the tunnel as we draw nearer to that fabled day in June.

Considering a subscription to a streaming service is probably more commonplace than a house cat at this point, I thought it’d be a great idea to highlight just some of the weirder, quirkier, or otherwise bizarre shows you could sit down and binge in a day or two.

History of Swear Words – Netflix

Starting with a show that’s not that weird in its own right, but rather due to the explosive cocktail of components that come together to bring the lowkey ridiculous concept to life.

History of Swear Words is an educational comedy documentary that teaches us about a different curse word per episode, featuring commentary and anecdotes by linguists, media experts and comedians. 

To top it all off the programme is hosted by the one and only NICOLAS CAGE. It’s crazy that it took until 2021 for this show to exist, but Netflix has knocked it out of the park. It’s glorious and well worth spending an afternoon bingeing. 

I… swear on it.

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