Foo Fighters Release Energetic Single ‘No Son of Mine’


American rockers the Foo Fighters are back with a bang after releasing their latest single ‘No Son of Mine’. The track is taken from Medicine at Midnight, their upcoming album scheduled for release on 5 February 2021.

The single promises big things for the band’s new work; with the classic harsh tones of frontman Dave Grohl and the heavy guitar riffs that we all know and love. The Foo’s are yet to release a music video for the track, however, from the audio alone it appears the band are moving back into their rockier days – reminiscent of their old school albums In Your Honor (2005) and Wasting Light (2011). ‘No Son of Mine’ joins the already released ‘Shame Shame’, building anticipation for the album to come.

Foo Fighters announced the latest single on their Twitter with a heartfelt hand-written message to all the fans, whilst highlighting that the 10th studio album (and the year) will mark their 25th anniversary as a band.

The nine-track record, which is said to be a “party album” by Grohl himself, showcases 37-minutes worth of the band’s excitement and love of true rock-and-roll. It promises to be fresh and celebratory, so we’re expecting big things from the rock veterans.

Here is the released tracklist:

‘Making A Fire’
‘Shame Shame’
‘Waiting On A War’
‘Medicine At Midnight’
‘No Son Of Mine’
‘Holding Poison’
‘Chasing Birds’
‘Love Dies Young’

With a letter that ends in the line “pour a drink, turn it up, close your eyes and imagine that festival field blowing up to this, because it f*cking will” you can only anticipate a hit album that will help us move past the struggles faced by live music in 2020. 2021 promises to be a better year, and Foo Fighters aim to start the year will a rock explosion.

Words by Katie Evans


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