Four Of The Best UK TV Adverts: Edition Two

Adverts exist in many forms, and in this feature, we again take another look at some more pretty modern TV advertisements shown in the UK that really are worth a second look – so grab some popcorn and enjoy. This time the ads featured are promoting Skoda, Specsavers, Land Rover and Warburtons, with my pick of the bunch being the fourth one…

Ad One: The “Pimp My Ride” Skoda Yeti Advert (2012)

Does anyone remember the hit MTV show Pimp My Ride? It was basically all about a member of the American public getting their typically unimpressive car done-up to the rafters by car customisation pros, with rapper Xzibit as the show’s host. There were also a number of other international versions of the show that followed the same format, including the UK.

Anyway, this 2012 Skoda Yeti ad takes the Pimp My Ride premise and adds in a Skoda as the end result: a normal guy wants his old car sorted, so he turns to Xzibit and his car crew. The banger is stripped, smashed and battered before being hauled away for scrap and a factory-fresh Skoda Yeti is unveiled as the ‘fixed’ ride. Funny, entertaining and attention grabbing, this bit of motoring marketing is every bit as distinctive and memorable as the Skoda Cake Car ad from around thirteen years ago. Not a bad way to flog a car, I think you’ll agree.

Ad Two: The Specsavers Vet Mix Up Advert (2013)

When doing an advert promoting the importance of good eyesight and optician related stuff, has anyone done the job in a more eye-catching and humorous way than Specsavers? This 2013 vet-themed ad is one of many well known commercials the company has done, and, like many popular advertisements, it uses humour to draw the viewer in along with a scene or story to get your attention that helps promote the brand featured. So, what happens in this advert, exactly?

The advertisement basically depicts a vet working with what he thinks is a cat. A concerning development appears to occur (the animal has no pulse), but then the moggie is revealed not to be a cat, but a hat. The acting here is flawless and is in what is a very imaginative way to sell glasses. See what you make of it below:

Ad Three: The “No Time To Die” Land Rover Advert (2020)

The world of James Bond on-screen is well-known for being a great marketing opportunity. From watches to luggage and cars to clothing, the series makes a lot of dosh with audiences and exposes the viewer to all manner of companies which have paid to have their products shown in those particular movies. This advert from early 2020 has Land Rover promoting their new Defender 4×4 in a way that heavily references the Bond connection with the vehicle set to feature in the upcoming 007 blockbuster, No Time to Die – and with some style. The Defender is of course famed for being a strong, utilitarian workhorse of a car that can go anywhere, so it makes sense to show the vehicle doing what it’s best known for globally: off-roading with huge competence and ability no matter what crops up and comes its way.

Back to the Bond connection, the ad shows several all new Defenders being exposed to the elements as part of a high octane thrills and spills chase that seems so very Bond, what with the action, the classic Bond theme and baddies-on-bikes in hot pursuit. It’s a perfect sales pitch, one that demonstrates that this very vehicle is able to cope well off the beaten track, robust and tough as nails too. I think this commercial makes for an excellent showcase of a hugely important motor and you can see it for yourself below. Action film and Bond fans will find a lot to like here. Top job, ad people.

Ad Four: The Warburtons “GoodBagels” Advert (2019)

Bagels and Robert De Niro. Who am I referring to that has both of these elements together in a witty, gag-packed commercial that is also a spoof of a certain gangster movie? Warburtons, that’s who, with this side splitting advert from 2019. The plot features De Niro taking over a Bolton-based bagel business in a role that resembles a character type you may have seen in some of his best known films. As ways to market food to the masses go, this is certainly one ad quite unlike any other I’ve seen, one that is thoroughly impressive and (I think) speaks for itself. Have a look and see what you make of it.

Words by James Gillespie

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