Gallery: Banks // Albert Hall, Manchester – 10.03.17


Though Jillian Banks thrives off the boudoir lustiness that paved the way to the Weeknd becoming a Starboy, she rejects dead-eyed Californian opulence in pursuit of something more dark and intense. Her first British show in years, Banks can’t help but gush to the Albert Hall about her bond to the country, saying she “flourished as a woman in the UK.” Last year’s album The Altar is all about this journey to becoming this woman, dethroning fuckboys, manipulators and her detractors along the way. The introverted performer once called a ‘work in progress’ by the Telegraph is transformed, her command of the stage is a middle finger to those that label a powerful woman as femme-fatale, ball breaker or just a bitch. Our photographer Ethan Weatherby went down to capture the action.


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