Gallery: Fiction Records // House of Vans – 12.05.16

Celebrating 38 years of bringing some of the best music our way, Fiction Records took over House of Vans for a night for an unforgettable showcase. With Crystal Castles topping the bill, Fiction also showcased their best in new music, bringing in The Big Moon, The Amazons and Palace. We headed down to House of Vans to capture the night.

Crystal Castles

Crystal Castles-1 Crystal Castles-22 Crystal Castles-20 Crystal Castles-16 Crystal Castles-15 Crystal Castles-13 Crystal Castles-6 Crystal Castles-3

The Amazons
The Amazons-1 The Amazons-6 The Amazons-4 The Amazons-5 The Amazons-3

The Big MoonThe Big Moon-8 The Big Moon-7 The Big Moon-4 The Big Moon-3 The Big Moon-2 The Big Moon-1

Palace-2 Palace-1

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