Game At A Glance: Broforce


Title: Broforce

Developer: Free Lives

What I Think: Broforce is an arcade-style shooter based on explosions and caricature, with the player using heroes based on various characters from classic action movies. When I say “based”, I mean they’ve added ‘bro’ to their name in some way, however tenuous. Broforce is a comedy game that’s actually fun to play; poking fun at bro culture, action movies, and American foreign policy. Through the 8-bit graphics and gallons of pixelated blood (favoured by one of the most ubiquitous publishers around, Devolver Digital- who also published Hotline Miami and Luftrausers) players jump around, freely killing rather ambiguously designed “terrorists” without respect for any kind of collateral damage in a grotesque parody of American warfare. Even if you ignore the social commentary, it’s just a fun game to play with your friends, since online co-op is available.

Would I Recommend It? Yeah, I would. Despite not being the most fun to play on your own, with friends Broforce becomes a blast. The enjoyably vintage graphics, the fun gameplay and the additional self-aware humour makes it well worth your £11.99 on Steam

Rating: 7/10


Words by Gabriel Rutherford


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