Game At A Glance: Luftrausers

Title: Luftrausers

Developer: Vlambeer

What I Think: Luftrausers is an extremely stylish game that resembles an arcade machine, with its 2D pixel graphics and simple controls. You play as a single pilot and your objective is to survive as long as possible while eliminating varying opposition, from small boats to massive zeppelins.  You can change your plane completely with different components unlocked by completing objectives. For example, you can give your plane a high-powered cannon or weak but numerous homing missiles. You can give yourself a body with less armour but more speed, or you can equip a body which turns you into a kamikaze pilot.  The variety and number of combinations is extensive,  and you can change the filter of the game, which is an extremely creative touch.

Would I Recommend It?: If you enjoy arcade games, or are looking for a game to help pass time, Luftrausers is perfect. It’s great fun to throw your plane across the sky, dodging projectiles fired at you while you bomb a battleship from above. However, there’s not much to Luftrausers besides the air combat, and there is no motivation to continue (besides beating your high score) once you’ve unlocked and utilised all your components in different combinations.

Rating: 7/10 – fun while it lasts, but nothing really special

Words by Gabriel Rutherford 

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